We set out to provide a service which meets young carers where they are, in environments where they often face some of their biggest challenges.

We do this through the delivery of our strategic tailored interventions which are designed to raise the aspirations of young carers by offering practical support to empower them to identify themselves as young carers, develop their emotional resilience, confidence to access support to better manage their personal circumstances and the challenges they may face as young carers.

Our approach, begins with a whole school approach through the use of our short film campaign which is our first step in introducing and raising the awareness of this social issue.

We then go on to work with those who need our support the most, the young carers; who are identified as we progress through our intervention programmes.

In doing this we offer a range of tailored programmes designed to support, empower and raise the awareness of young carers, their families, illnesses and disabilities; creating positive learning environments and communities which work towards a society that is inclusive and accepting of this social issue.

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